About Us

VOLADOR was born among a group of flashlight engineers who are passionate about deep sea diving and technology products design. Founded in 2015, it has been committed to innovation and production of outstanding products.

Goals & Ambitions
VOLADOR aims to be the best scuba dive light innovator, productor and supplier. With these products, customers can experice an unparalleled satisfaction and reliability, also feel surprised and excited with our professional diving light.

Humanized Customer Service System
VOLADOR listens to every user’s constructive opinions and understand customer needs. On this basis, a large number of innovations have been carried out, and innovative ideas have been injected into every product of the company. Through these products, people really benefit from the convenience of daily life.

Strict Quality Control
Each of our flashlight is carefully crafted, when we choose materials, we pursue excellent quality. Pursue the ultimate perfection of product design. We do not simply stack hardware, but do a lot of optimization and integration to achieve the best performance of the product.

Customer First Principle
VOLADOR is committed to providing customers with quality after-sales experience, and we will listen to any constructive suggestions. Any problems encountered in the use of diving flaslight please do not hesitate to contact us anytime through official phone,email,youtube, facebook,twitter,whatsapp,skype etc. And we will respond to all the questions in the first time.